Tobacco’s Impact in My Community Photo Contest

Tobacco continues to be a BIG problem in California.  

The Tobacco’s Impact in my Community photo contest showcases images submitted by Californians that “tell the story” about how tobacco still affects us in our state.
You can submit up to 3 photos.

To enter and to view contest rules visit:

Example photo themes:

Tobacco/Vape Marketing & Advertising: This category includes images of marketing and advertising tobacco products (cigarettes, chew, snus, vapes, etc) by the tobacco industry to attract and hook young people, students, women, ethnic groups, and disadvantaged groups.

Secondhand Smoke/Vape:  This category includes images of secondhand smoke exposure in both indoor and outdoor venues.  It may include photos of exposure to secondhand smoke, use of e-cigs/vapes or signage describing where smoking/vaping is allowed or not allowed in areas such as restaurants and bars with patio seating, beaches, parks, homes, apartment complexes, or workplace sites.e

Tobacco/Vape Litter:  Photos in this category may include cigarette butts, vapes or e-cigarette liquid containers that are discarded along sidewalks, parks, beaches, bus stops, or campuses – places where we work, live and play.

“What’s Wrong With This Picture?”: Photos in this category include images of inappropriately placed tobacco products or advertisements.  For example, photos may include tobacco products located next to candy or tobacco ads placed next to children’s toys.

Enter your photos February 2018.

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