Protect Your Family From E-cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are devices that use a battery to heat a liquid nicotine solution (“e-liquid”). The heated e-liquid creates an aerosol that is breathed into the lungs.e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes go by other names such as e-cigs, e-hookahs, hookah pens, vapes, vape pens or mods. They come in many shapes and sizes.  Some can only be used once, while others can be refilled.  Others have a tank which may hold large amounts of e-liquid containing nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.

E-cigarettes are also used to smoke illegal substances like marijuana and hash oil.

Why are they dangerous?

E-cigarettes contain nicotine and chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects or other health problems.

E-cigarettes and e-liquids come in fruit and candy flavors that appeal to children who may taste or drink the e-liquid.

E-liquids are poisonous if swallowed, and are harmful if the liquid gets on skin or in the eyes. The e-cigarette batteries are also poisonous if swallowed.

e-juice-handAren’t they safer than tobacco cigarettes?

E-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, but not as many as regular cigarettes.

E-cigarettes produce an aerosol, not water vapor. The aerosol is a mixture of chemicals and small particles that can hurt the lungs just like cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes are just as addictive as regular cigarettes.

People can become addicted to nicotine from using e-cigarettes and then may start using regular cigarettes.

 Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

Studies show that e-cigarettes do not help people quit smoking cigarettes. Instead, many people end up using both products.

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are widely available and very effective at helping people quit smoking cigarettes.

 Are they safe to use indoors?

E-cigarettes pollute the air with tiny particles that get trapped in the lungs. Just like regular cigarettes, the pollution from e-cigarettes may hurt others.

 How do I protect my family and friends?

  1. Nicotine is a poison. Never leave e-cigarettes or e-liquids where children can get them. Immediately call the California Poison Control System at 1-800-222-1222 if any e-liquid is swallowed, gets on the skin or in the eyes.
  2. Never allow the use of e-cigarettes in your home. They pollute the air and are harmful to you and your family.
  3. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and teens should never use e-cigarettes or be exposed to the aerosol due to the harm nicotine may cause to brain development.
  4. Support policies that do not allow e-cigarettes to be used indoors and where children are present.
  5. If you use e-cigarettes or other tobacco products, call for free help with quitting: 1-800-NO BUTTS (1-800-662-8887).
  6. Download the Protect Your Family From E-cigarettes: The Facts You Need to Know brochure.

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