The owner of the unit below me rented their unit to a couple who smoke. Since they’ve moved in, I can smell cigarette smoke in my unit, exposing my family to secondhand smoke.
- Redding, CA
Our neighbors smoke outside and the cigarette smoke flows into our yard and home. If we are out in our yard, we immediately need to go inside to get away from the toxic smoke.
- Whittier, CA
I understand we both have rights as homeowners to do as we please on our own property. However, that toxic smoke does not stay on my neighbor’s property, or airspace.
- El Dorado Hills, CA
I’m on oxygen with severe asthma. My neighbor is a chronic smoker. I can smell the smoke come through the vents. I mentioned it to management, but they do not have smoke free laws.
- Fairfield, CA
I live next to a smoker. I asked my landlord to move me to a different unit but he said the HUD transition process is too difficult because I am a Section 8 resident.
- Santa Rosa, CA
I need help because my neighbors next door always smoke inside the apartment and the smoke smell is so strong that it’s as if they’re inside my apartment smoking.
- Long Beach, CA
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