Other Types of Tobacco Products

March 2, 2020

The popularity of other tobacco products outside of cigarettes and e-cigarettes are also on the rise and the Tobacco Industry is marketing these products aggressively. Get to know some of the lesser known types of tobacco products using the image gallery below: 

Camel Snus Tins

While cigarettes remain the most common form of tobacco used, popularity of other tobacco products is on the rise, especially due to the fact that the tobacco industry promotes them as an alternative when smoking is not an option.

Tropical Swisher Sweets

Did you know that one cigar has as much nicotine as almost three packs of cigarettes? While cigarette smoking has decreased, cigar smoking has increased in recent years. Between 2000 and 2006, cigarette consumption declined nationally by 13 percent, and cigar smoking increased by more than 37 percent.


Hookah tobacco contains the same chemicals found in all tobacco, including nicotine and cancer-causing chemicals. Many of those that use hookah think that the water "filters" the tobacco, thus making it safer to use. In reality, the water just cools it, making it easier to inhale the toxic smoke. In addition, secondhand hookah smoke also contains the same cancer-causing particulates found in cigarette smoke.

Orbs vs Tic Tacs

In 2009, tobacco companies began test marketing more smokeless tobacco options, including candy- and fruit-flavored dissolvable strips, mint-shaped "orbs” and sticks that may appeal to youth and be easily mistaken for candy. Studies show that these new products cause nicotine to be absorbed more rapidly into the body than in cigarettes. They also allow youth to use them at home or school without others' knowledge it is a tobacco product.

Little Flavored Cigars

The tobacco industry has attracted youth to cigars; in particular, by promoting "little cigars" that were often candy- or fruit-flavored to hide the unpleasant flavor of tobacco and increase the odds of addiction. They would sometimes place them within a child's reach near candy.

Snus Advertisement

In 2006, the five largest tobacco manufacturers spent over $354 million on smokeless tobacco advertising and promotions, which flaunt its use in places with existing smoking restrictions.

Camel Snus

Tobacco companies launched a new smokeless, spitless tobacco product called snus (pronounced "snoose") in 2006, with a marketing campaign that capitalizes on the fact that there are fewer places that allow smoking.