There Are 4.5 Trillion Cigarette Butts Littering Our World

July 2, 2021

There are trillions of cigarette butts littering our world at this moment.

What? Did we say millions? No. Billions? NO!


About 4.5 Trillion, in fact.

If that number seems a little hard to imagine, picture this: 600 cigarette butts for every single living person.

And what are these trillions of pieces of toxic waste doing? They’re clogging our gutters, filling up our landfills, polluting our oceans and leaking chemicals into our soil. They’re poisoning our animals and threatening the safety of our children.

And the kicker? Big Tobacco has known about all of this for a long time. You might think that the toxic filters protect smokers from the harmful chemicals in cigarettes. But, guess what? They don’t. And guess who knew? Yup… The guys who made them.