Identify which products teens are vaping. [Video]

As if parents didn’t have enough to worry about – now the tobacco industry has found new ways to target our kids with deadly products by using technology and sweet flavors. Last year, the FDA declared a ‘teen e-cigarette use epidemic,’ saying teen use surged by 78% in one year.1

With so many new vaping products and more than 15,500 nicotine -infused flavors2 attracting kids, we have to do our homework.

The video above highlights four e-cigarettes popular with teens:  

  1. JUUL: A sleek USB-looking e-cigarette with disposable flavor pods. These pods contain as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.
  2. Suorin Vagon Black: This vaping device looks like a highlighter and can easily blend into everyday school supplies.  
  3. Suorin Drop: A water drop-shaped e-cigarette that fits in the palm of your hand.
  4. Pen Pal Stealth Vaporizer: It’s a writing pen with an addictive twist.  

All of the products in this video are used to vape nicotine-infused flavors such as unicorn poop, cotton candy, sweet tart, mint, and many more kid-friendly flavors, and with deceiving looks that hide their harm and make them virtually identical to completely different items.

The teen e-cigarette epidemic has taken many by surprise, and the rise in teen use is nothing to take lightly. Visit for more information about how to talk to your kids about e-cigarettes and additional actions you can take to protect your kids.   

Continue scrolling for a snapshot of new generation e-cigs to old generation e-cigs.

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