E-cigarettes Have Toxic Chemicals

July 6, 2021

Ever heard that all you inhale from an e-cigarette is only water vapor, flavorings, and nicotine? Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true. Check out the goodies that you could be breathing as well, all found on the California Prop 65 list of chemicals that can cause cancer or reproductive harm.


This one can mess with your head by causing headaches and mental impairment. By the way, it's also found in nail polish, glue and paint fumes.


Yeah, that name's a mouthful. And speaking of mouths, yours doesn't want this Group 1 (the most toxic category) carcinogen in it.


Nickels in your pocket are great! (They're no quarters, but still.) Breathing this heavy metal, however, can trash your lungs and cause cancer.


We freak out when we find lead in old paint, why would we want to inhale it? This toxic chemical affects pretty much every organ in the human body, and not in a good way.


Suspected to cause cancer by a boatload of public health agencies, this chemical has also been found in secondhand vapor.


Inhaling this corpse-preserver causes irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. And it's also known to cause cancer, double yay! (Not!)


Aside from cancer, this heavy metal (not the Metallica kind) can seriously mess with your lungs and kidneys.


Benzene is no friend to your blood or bone marrow. Long-term exposure has been known to cause leukemia. In women, it can do a number on the ovaries.


This bad boy can cause irritation of the respiratory tract. At high levels, it can cause fluid to fill your lungs, wrecking lung tissue.