smoking economy

You Pay, Whether You Smoke or Not We all know how costly smoking is to the smoker. A $7 pack-a-day habit costs a smoker nearly $2,500 a year.

dirty truth #1

cigarette butts aren't harmless bits of paper and cotton. they're toxic waste. [1]

Meet Big Tobacco’s toxic waste

Cigarette trash is a dirty problem, made by an even dirtier industry. It's time for Big Tobacco to come clean about the dangers of their toxic waste. Watch this video about cigarette pollution to learn more. [6]

smoking economy

There are trillions of cigarette butts littering our world at this moment. What? Did we say millions? No. Billions? NO! It’s TRILLIONS! About 4.5 Trillion, in fact.

dirty truth #2

Each cigarette butt can take up to a decade to decompose. [2]

Just a little piece of trash? (Nope)

Big Tobacco would love for us to see their toxic trash as harmless little bits of paper and cotton. We’d love for them to come clean about the mess they’ve made. Watch this video about cigarette pollution to learn more. [7]

smoking economy

Just look around. They’re everywhere. In 2005, an estimated 135 million pounds of cigarette butts were dumped into the U.S. environment.

dirty truth #3

Cigarette butts contain 100s of toxic chemicals, and 1 can kill a small animal. [3]
smoking economy

The ecological impacts of tobacco products are considerable. Here are a few ways you can get involved to help keep our environment tobacco-free.

smoking economy

Watch the negative impact cigarette butts have on our environment.

smoking economy

Watch how Californians react to some of the astonishing facts about how the tobacco industry negatively impacts the environment.

dirty truth #4

There are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts polluting our environment right now. [4]
smoking economy

Billions of trees. Millions of cigarette butts. One dangerous product. For decades we have known that cigarettes are toxic, for both people who smoke and those around them.

dirty truth #5

Filters (which are toxic to the environment) do nothing to protect smokers from the harmful chemicals in cigarettes. [5]


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