Timeline of Tobacco Control in CA

Did You Know?
Did you know that the tobacco industry sued the State of California several times in the 1990s? See the timeline to find out how they tried – but failed – to shut the tobacco-control program down.

"As California Goes, So Goes the Nation"

That famous saying could not be more true when it comes to protecting the public from tobacco use. California is a leader in creating policies to protect the public from the deadly effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke, which encouraged other states and countries to do the same.

However, the history of reducing tobacco use and providing protection from secondhand smoke in California has not been easy. The tobacco industry fought back ferociously, filing lawsuits and trying to block new anti-tobacco policies. But, with every setback, the people of California increased their resolve to save lives and protect one another from smoking and secondhand smoke.

Learn the story of tobacco control in California through this Interactive Timeline.

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