Listed below are additional resources for additional information and assistance.


California Smokers' Helpline

Free, personalized telephone support from trained counselors
1-800-NO BUTTS

La Linea de Ayuda Para Fumadores de California

En Español: 1-800-45-NO FUME

Quitting information and telephone counseling for residents outside of California
1-800-QUIT NOW

National Cancer Institute

Quitting information and telephone counseling


Online support and quitting information

American Cancer Society

Quitting information and helpful tips

American Heart Association

Quitting information and health assessments

U.S. Department of Defense Quit Tobacco Campaign

Offers free online support to help service members quit tobacco


Secondhand Smoke

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Information on the dangers of secondhand smoke in homes and cars

Smoke-free Air for Everyone

Provide peer support, free information and referrals to individuals who have been injured or disabled by secondhand smoke

California's Clean Air Project

Assists tribal casinos in California to voluntarily develop and adopt smoke-free policies

Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

A toolkit for residents of Federally assisted public and multi-family housing

California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board

Information on exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing


Information on implementing a smoke-free housing policy and accessing protections afforded by disability laws

The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing

Information on community smoke-free housing policies

Smoke-free Apartment Housing Registry

Offers a free listing of available smoke-free housing

Smoke-free Rental

Offers a free listing of available smoke-free housing

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

Information for tenants and landlords on creating a smoke-free housing policy

American Lung Association's Bay Area Smoke-free Housing

Information on health, legal and financial concerns for landlords and tenants living in the San Francisco Bay Area

Tobacco's Impact on the Environment

Cigarette Butt Pollution Project

Conducts scientific research on the toxicity of cigarette butts

Surfrider Foundation

Dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans and beaches

California Coastal Commission

Conducts annual coastal cleanups

California Ocean Protection Council

Ensures that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems

California Department of Transportation - Don't Trash California Campaign

Educates to create a social mindset to not tolerate polluting our roadways

Earth Resource Foundation

Provides resources on making environmentally sustainable choices and changes

Californians Against Waste

Creates policy solutions to pollution and conservation problems that pose a threat to public health and the environment

Ocean Conservancy

Provides information on how the health of the ocean affects our lives

Tobacco Control Organizations and Partners

California Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control Program

Provides resources, research findings and information on statewide tobacco control issues

The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing

Assists local Proposition 99-funded projects throughout California to meet policy objectives and serves as a statewide and local tobacco policy resource

ChangeLab Solutions

Provides California communities with free technical assistance on tobacco control policy issues

Tobacco Control Archives

Provides information on more than 10 million documents created by the tobacco industry

Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program

Supports tobacco-related research and the reduction of the human and economic costs of tobacco use in California

County and Statewide Archive of Tobacco Statistics

Provides access to a variety of statistical information, including evaluation publications and resources

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California

Produces and distributes low-cost educational materials covering tobacco use prevention, secondhand smoke exposure, and smoking cessation

California's Clean-Air Project

Assists tribal casinos in California to voluntarily develop and adopt smoke-free policies

Smoke-Free Movies

Aims to sharply reduce Big Tobacco's marketing of cigarettes through films


Shows the impact of smoking and tobacco references in entertainment

Trinkets & Trash

Online surveillance system and archive of tobacco products and tobacco industry marketing materials

LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership

Counteracts the negative impact tobacco use has had on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community through education and advocacy efforts

The Gay American Smoke-Out

Raises awareness about the high rate of tobacco use in the LGBT community by challenging themselves to quit smoking and for organizations to engage and provide cessation resources

California Youth Advocacy Network

Provides tobacco control professionals and young people with tools for action to mobilize a powerful statewide tobacco control movement

Project UNIFORM (Undoing Nicotine Influence From Our Respected Military)

Creates a collaborative bridge between military tobacco quitting programs and services offered by the state of California as a means to decrease the number of service members who use tobacco

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Information on the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco use

Legacy Foundation

Develops programs that help young people reject tobacco, and give everyone access to tobacco prevention and quitting services

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

Dedicated to nonsmokers' rights, taking on the tobacco industry, protecting nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, and preventing tobacco addiction among youth

Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids

Committed to changing public attitudes and public policies on tobacco

National Networks for Tobacco Control and Prevention

Collaborates with national, statewide and local tobacco control organizations to advance the science and practice of tobacco control in the United States

National African American Tobacco Prevention Network

Provides technical assistance and training to grassroots organizations and tobacco control advocates to gain expertise to effectively address tobacco challenges in communities of African descent

National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention

Promotes changes on local, state and federal policies that affect advertising, access, enforcement and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products by Latino youth

National Native Commercial Tobacco Abuse Prevention Network

Provides a forum for Tribes and Tribal Organizations to eliminate health disparities related to commercial tobacco abuse

Asian-Pacific Partners for Empowerment and Leadership

Provides technical assistance and resources on health justice to create a tobacco-free Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community

National Spit Tobacco Education Program

Raises awareness about the risk of smokeless tobacco to youth and families through presentations and educational materials

Provides daily news and resources on tobacco-related issues

National Health Associations

American Cancer Society

Provides information, funds research and works with lawmakers to help find cures and fight cancer

American Heart Association

Offers programs and services to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke

American Lung Association

Works to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy and research

World Health Organization, Tobacco-Free Initiative

Provides leadership on global health matters and shapes the health research agenda within the United Nations system